The House and the people behind it

While you can pick up any book and learn all you want about Frank Lloyd Wright, and you are certainly encouraged you to do so, a good place to start is the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation. We figure it is our responsibility to tell you about how an idea put to paper over 50 years ago became a reality today.

Bob Wright grew up with a fascination for his great uncle not because of his architectural genius, but his “scandalous” lifestyle. It wasn’t until well into his adulthood that he decided to build from one of his unrealized designs from the year 1956. Read his personal account.

The two of us, husband and wife, Adam Olive and Wendy Tunstall, saw a picture of the house in Ski magazine in 2000 and thought of it as a truly unobtainable dream. We came to Park City for skiing in late spring of 2001 and decided we had to see our first Frank Lloyd Wright house. A few months later, it was ours. We had no intention of buying a house or moving to Park City, but this house changed our plans.

We met Bob Wright, through a neighbor and we became fast friends. He helped us finish the build of the house and has been helping us care for it ever since.

We think that he is pretty remarkable himself. He may not like for it to be said, but as of this writing he is 81 years old and is as fit as a 40 year old. He has ridden his bike from Canada to Mexico and east coast to west coast. At about 79 he decided to take up running and has run half marathons and won medals for running and just recently he was on the crew of a sailing ship in the San Juan Islands. And every year, on his birthday, he rides a century i.e. a one hundred mile bike ride. It’s hard to keep up with him and all the things he does, literally or figuratively. Somehow his wife Denna manages to, but she was only half his age when they married (and of course, we’ll keep her age a secret).

In an effort to unify his designs, Frank Lloyd Wright would typically design interiors as well. Fortunately for us, he also designed the furniture for this house as well. As part of our plan to complete the house, we do intend to have these pieces built. A few built-in pieces can already be seen in the Sanctum however there are still many more to be completed for the rest of the house.

“The longer I live the more beautiful life becomes” Frank Lloyd Wright
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